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Relax & bond with your baby


Bond with your baby and prepare for childbirth.
With hypnosis, you can be ready to feel that profound physical and emotional connection as you welcome your baby into the world. You can learn to relax your body and separate from the physical pain of childbirth.
Giving birth naturally can be a rewarding experience. It creates a bond between you and your child because you are welcoming your child into the world with feelings. Instead of being numb, you can experience the birth of your child in a profound way – the way nature intended it to be.
If you are a mother-to-be, you take great care to prepare a comfortable, healthy physical environment for your baby in the months before the child is born. You eat healthy foods, take care of yourself, and prepare the baby’s nursery with great love and anticipation. You can prepare in the same way for the birth experience as well.

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